Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The phone rings

and it's Spielberg wanting to chat for a minute.  He asked what I think about the new Indiana Jones movie and wanted me to be perfectly honest.  I'm like Steven, I think it's totally great and definitely the hot thing to do right now.  Stallone is raking in the money with Rocky & Rambo so there's no reason why this won't totally kick the crap out of those.  Then I'm like, besides it's really good to see you do some fun movies like Transformers and now Indiana Jones.  He's all excited and says they're totally going to use Windows machines in the movie.  I asked if they were done shooting and Steve said they were but had to do several appearances with Harrison Ford.  After hanging up, I went to the bathroom and told Harrison Ford to get his head out of the toilet and go to work.  

You're welcome America.

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