Friday, February 1, 2008

Never doubt my power

Okay people, remember how I was bored and was thinking about buying Yahoo back on my January 11th post entitled "What to do now that CES is done"? Did you check the news today?

I've been reading all the news articles about our offer to Yahoo. Seeing some of the comments all these jack offs are leaving at the end of the articles are just hilarious! They're saying they will stop using Yahoo as their homepage if this goes through. I'm sure somewhere in their distorted sense of reality they believe it will actually make a difference. It's a numbers game people. It always has been. There is a small percentage of anti-social Microsoft haters who will abandon Yahoo and search for greener pastures (Get it? "Search"!) but we don't give a shit! We will grow tremendously in market share and eventually give Google a well deserved kick in the balls. We've been around since the beginning boys and chicas which shows we've passed the test of time in a rapidly changing market. Google will get old; hate to break it to you guys.

So why don't you run out and get me some cigarettes because I'm about to give Yahoo! the best screw of it's life. Followers and haters alike please feel free to comment with your opinions.

P.S. If you've fallen off the planet earth and haven't heard the news see here.

P.P.S. From now on Microsoft will use an unnecessary plethora of exclamation points in all published materials to help remind people we will be/practically are, Yahoo!

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