Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quick, to the Billcave!

Good help really is hard to find.  When you have a house like this you need a lot of help.  Anyone interested in joining my home staff see here

You guys want to know what's so cool about my house?  It's all of the stuff no one knows about.  The underground stuff.  When I say underground, I mean quite literally underground.  Anyone ever used to wish they had the batcave when they were a kid?  Yeah, well I dreamed that too, now I just have one.  I call it the Billcave; I go there to think, play and control the world.  

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Anonymous said...

Real very interesting. If you go next time to your lab, please inform me about your results to control the artmarket. I'd put a inquiry today to the ""
Maybee they have there some "artbutlers" too for arranging my stupid ideas to sell my paintings to some generous minds.
Apropos dreams; As i was a child i had never very expensive dreams. My deepest dream was ever to become my father back, i've lost him by tragical accident by acuaplaning, he was on the road with a white corvair and his UV-protecting varnish's on board.