Friday, March 21, 2008


Alright, alright...  If you remember my earlier post Hello? I said ask any question and you will receive an answer.  Well, someone had the balls to ask "Be honest Bill, who has the best operating system?" but didn't have the spine to say who he/she was.  I'm having some of my agents look into it as we speak.  In order to give a logical (yet ultimately obvious) answer we must first decide which operating systems to look at because even though you'd think people only use Windows, there's actually a long list of crap out there; even if they only have one or two users.  How about Vista, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu?  We're not going to compare more than three so let me know what you think.  Vista and OSX are going to be in there though. 


Anonymous said...

I've talked once to the microsoft corporation that under the msft-systems i'd resumed that the 98SE was the best. But this system was to much filled beside with the SDK, my pc was generally to slow for working really efficient with and i had it unfortunately lossed to upper'redmond.

By installing XP, that was comed with some innovations like politur with small real comfort i was comed to real loosing my fun to do creative things with. Everytime blue screens, the annoying updating mania asl. it was weither comfortable, programs that microsoft wouldn't let run on, missing driver files asl. and not fast enough and the new pc was also generally to slow processored for to doing the things i wish to do with.

Actually - quick time for windows, how ever - i think, that Steve Jobs "LeoX", because it has the holy time-machine asl. inside, is the best.

But i've unfortunately not a machine those is capable to let it run on.

But i must say in same time, that i'd never tried-out the Vista, because i also havn't a machine those will supports such also hardware hungry operation system like the microsoft operation system.

Working with Apple-Machine is relatively new ding for myself, since i have it, it shows no fails like i'd experienced with microsoft. - Must say also that most programs parts are original and not compiled to forreign languages like german - that means, pro windows, that eventually the many fails and data losses, with exception of the some blue screens, made by yourself my dear, how i had must those to take on my losing time, from my using time windows before, had been all mistakes from some bad translators.

With Apple are really no problems with the exception that there now is actually a SDK on the homepage. Littlebig difference the SDK is free for downloading and it isn't unwished and surreptitious besidepart from some of the mentioned.

Please handle carefully this words by words, because the sense is like silver again.


Mac OS X Leopard
Long live "Plug n Play"
No drivers
No registry tree.
No garbage.