Friday, March 21, 2008

Saving the world one taxi ride at a time

Hey, for all you peeps down in San Fran check this cab company out.  Whenever I'm in the bay area it's all I use cause they're trying to make the world a better place.  Well... truth be told Microsoft has a limo for me but I'm going to have them paint it green and make it a hybrid.  How cool would that be?  Maybe I'll even get one of those hummer limos and turn it into a hybrid!  You know people, it feels good to help save the world, even when you're running it; or dare I say driving it.  



Yea, color green "hybrids" everything.

Anonymous said...

When this cars are really in best green, as a green car can be, then it's allright.
Please tell your butlers that they have to proceed the recycling of the not really green cars.

You know - from mice and men - we wish best green-cars in every roads. (not nearly like this gene-manipulated green-apples, unfortunately i can't buy thems because they arn't the bests, because the pure biology by this apple-hybrids is partial loss there by genemanipulation doned).

Babs5005 said...

Maybe I'll even get one of those hummer limos and turn it into a hybrid!. . .and paint it green!

Why are you trying to piss off the environmentalists dude?

I guess a hybrid hummer limo probably would be better then a regular old hummer limo. . . .but the lesser of two evils is still evil. . . even if it has been painted green :P