Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yahoo!, prepare to be boarded

Ok guys, we're not fucking around anymore.  I'm sick of this dying company pretending like they can push around the bully.  Get this straight: Microsoft is the tough kid 'round here, you're just a pathetic online email provider and search engine who is getting spanked by the other tough kid from across town.  All we're going to do is come in and help fend him off.  It's kind of like Silicon Valley is a prison and Google is the Nazi gang who wants to rape you, but we're the big black guys who say, "This is my bitch, you mess with Yahoo you mess with me!"  Does that help?  Believe me Jerry, Google's just eyeing you and thinking: "You have a pretty mouth boy."  So as my friend Tom says, help me help you. 


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Anonymous said...

better don't worry about to much, because there are ever some higher ideas to follow.