Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quarterly Earnings

You would not believe how much shit I'm catching for our quarterly earnings.  It's hard sometimes to realize how much normal people care about money.  Dave Chappelle said it best: "I'm rich bitch!"  

Look people, I'm busy saving the planet, doing some good for the world; not just trying to make rich investors richer.  If you want to bitch send an email to the CEO at
Right now, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in partnership with Microsoft is working on a cure for AIDS that can only be delivered via machines running our OS.  Do you have any idea what that's going to do to sales?  Then we'll be saving the planet and making investors happy.  Sorry it's taking so long guys but get a flipin' grip already.


Anonymous said...

I think your Gates Foundation for ruling the real problems on earth is a very good work of humanship, but annoying beside masses of microsoft's crappyware is now no more necessary.

If Apple's LeopardOS is really the better software solution, then from my side seen it's really better when you trial to give this solution to the people.

And when you can bring Job's Company also to the idea to give some money to the Gates Foundation, then you have a world ruled with a result we can be proud on it.

Anonymous said...

i've meant masses with asl. - in the first sentence.