Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting past the bouncer can be tough

I was chillin' with some of the developers last night having a few beers and just shootin' the shit.  Anywhoo, I asked them why they weren't out hitting the clubs trying to score some women.  They just laughed and explained how difficult it was for them to get in anywhere.  I forget sometimes that everyone isn't me and can just get in anywhere, whenever.  After some thought and searching online for a solution, I found the answer.  (See video below).  It's totally working for these guys and they're happier and more productive than ever.  Who knows, maybe we will release Windows 7 next year.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Hey Steve, Urma put up my FPB (Fake Persona Blog) ZuneCast today. It's got that old PBS feel about it. Cool!