Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Macworld 2008

Ok Steve I understand your position, how can you improve upon last year’s keynote with the iPhone release? But come on, there are some minor software releases for the iPhone and AppleTv and you call them new products??? Sub par. Then there’s the Macbook Air; it looks like it will break just from people looking at it. Of course all of the fans in the crowd ahhhhhhh’ed over these things but they probably just felt they had to or else you would leave the stage in tears. I think you just over prepped and wore yourself out for the keynote because you looked like you were about to fall over. Maybe that’s because you skipped your morning snort, I don’t know but it was obvious something wasn’t right. And I have never in my life seen anyone more high out of his mind than Randy Newman at the end. Where can I get some of that shit? Seriously! And then O how sweet, he wants to say a few words in defense of our country… I’m sure that showed those European bastards!

All in all I can’t really put into words how to properly insult the keynote, but I think it does a pretty good job on its own. What did you guys think?

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